Monday, May 23, 2005

The Profiles Series: Zee

I have decided to document some of the more interesting women I met in my life. Zee didn't really do all that much, but I consider her very important. Zee was my last big crush and also the first girl I officially asked out. She was also by far the most mysteroious girl I met.

Why I liked her: Well, first of all, she was just beautiful. No, not in the supermodel kind of way. Her simplicity was beautiful. She would wear flip flops, an old jacket, jeans, her short hair in a pony tail. I don't think she put on any make up. She had red/blondish hair, green/gray eyes, about 5'6. But really thats nothing compared to her personality. The way she behaved was just asking somebody to fall in love with her. For example, it was a cold fall evening, we were sitting on a bench in a park. She just was staring into the distance, and then she turns to me and asks something like "have you ever had a best friend?". So far I have not run into any woman that was as nearly as romantic as her.

Why I didn't like her: She said "no" :)

Why she was important: Zee started it all. I was so depressed by her rejection, I knew I had to turn my life around. I started working out and lost about 40 lb. A few months later I even asked my future ex out (hmm future ex .. that doesn't sound quite right). Of course more about her in the next post.


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